Buy Silver Coins in Montana
Montana is a state located in the western region of the Untied States.  It is the 4th largest state at 147,040 square miles, however it ranks at the 44th most populated state with 1.04 million residents. 545 miles of the state borders Canada and the state contains numerous mountain ranges.

Bullion Sales Tax in Montana

​Montana does not have sales tax throughout the entire state. Therefore you can purchase silver bullion tax-free.

Silver Bullion Dealers in Montana: 

Fun Facts About Montana

  1. Montana is the largest landlocked state in the U.S.
  2. There are more cattle than there are people in Montana. 
  3. Evel Knievel was from Montana. 
  4. Brad Bird  (animator and producer) who worked on "Rugrats", "The Simpsons", and Disney's "The Incredibles" was morning in Kalispell. 
  5. It holds the record for the most dramatic temperature change to occur in a 24 hour periods, which happened in 1972 in Loma, where the temperated rose from -54F to 49F.
  6. It has the largest grizzly bear population.
  7. Granite Peak is the highest natural point in Montana, at 12,807 feet.
  8. There are 250 lakes within Glacier National Parks' boundaries. 
  9. Out of the 56 counties in the state, 46 are consider "frontier counties" with average populations of 6 people or less per a square mile.
  10. It's state motto is "oro  plata" which means "gold and silver" in Spanish. 

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