Silver Coin Dealers Located in Springfield

Bullion Sales Tax in Springfield, IL

​Legal tender medallions and bullion are exempt from tax. Items that are considered legal tender are paper currency and coins.  Medallions are non-legal tender coins issued by a government body. Bullion would be considered precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum that have a purity of at least .980.

Fun Facts About Springfield

  1. It is the "Chilli Capital of the Civilized World" (yes chili has an extra "L" in it on purpose). 
  2. Springfield is the capital of Illinois. 
  3. Springfield was the home of Abraham Lincoln before he was elected president in 1860. 
  4. Kaskaskia and Vandalia were both capital before Springfield. 
  5. Cecily Strong, a cast member of Saturday Night Live, was born in Springfield.