Silver Coin Dealers in Worcester

Bullion Sales Tax in Worcester, MA

​The state of Massachusetts has an overall sales tax of 6.25%, this is across all counties which do not add extra tax on top of that.  When it comes to purchasing precious metals in Massachusetts the state allows an exemption of certain sales over $1000. The exemption would include rare coins of numismatic value, gold or silver bullion, gold/silver bullion coins, and gold/silver tender of any nation except the Republic of South Africa. 

Fun Facts About Worchester

  1. It is the 2nd largest city in Massachusetts, right after Boston. 
  2. Hebert’s Candies in Worcester was the first place to develop and sell white chocolate. 
  3. It was originally inhabited by Pakachoag Indians.
  4. The first American valentine cards were designed by a woman in Worcester named Esther Howland. (source:
  5. It is referred to as the "Heart of the Commonwealth" due to it's central location in Massachusetts. 
  6. The mass-produced Valentine's Day card  was invented in Worcester. 
  7. H. Jon Benjamin, known for the voice of Sterling in Archer  and Bob in Bob's Burgers , is from Worcester. 
  8. Erik Per Sullivan, who played the younger brother in the show, Malcolm in the Middle  is from Worcester.
  9. It is the only city in the U.S. to win the National Civic League's coveted "All-America City Award" five times.
  10. It gets an average of 68 inches of snow each winter.