Silver Coin Dealers in Thornton

Bullion Sales Tax in Thornton, CO

​Colorado has a statewide tax rate of 2.9%, however, each local municipal has it’s own tax that gets added on. The highest tax rate in Colorado is 11.9%.  When it comes to purchasing coins or precious metal bullion, they are exempt from tax.

Fun Facts About Thornton

  1.  Until 1953, Thornton was primarily made up of farmlands. 
  2.  The town is named after the former Governor, Dan Thornton.
  3.  It is only 8 miles outside of Denver, with a lower cost of living and great employment opportunities. Making it a desirable place to live. 
  4.  It is the 6th most populated city in Colorado. 
  5. There are over 2,000 acres of parks an open space, along with over 80 miles of trails in Thornton. 

​If You Are Ready to Put Your Investment Dollars Into Precious Metals

​You should buy silver to start with because the premiums are lower on silver than they are on gold. Premiums, or the cost to buy the metal over and above the cost of the actual metal, are what you are charged for the production costs of creating the coins that you buy.