Silver Coin Dealers in Syracuse

Bullion Sales Tax in Syracuse, NY

Syracuse has a sales tax of 8.00%.  The state has an overall 4% sales tax and each city has its' own separate tax on top of that. Coins and paper currency are taxable in the state of New York.  The only time there is an exemption is if the total purchase is at least $1,000.  And for this exemption to apply, the bullion must be in the form of bars, rounds, or coins that are made out of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, or any other precious metal.  One coin in particular that is excluded from this exemption is the South Africa Krugerrand Bullion Coin.  
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Fun Facts About Syracuse, NY

  1. Syracuse was named "One of America's Top 20 Green Cities" by National Geographic. 
  2. It was named "One of America's Best Places for Business" by Forbes. 
  3. The Erie Canal contributed the most to the growth of Syracuse. 
  4. At one point there were more than 50 breweries in Syracuse. 
  5. 27 antennae located on the moon were made in Syracuse. 
  6. Syracuse has the largest snow plow in the world.
​Shop Smart at Your Local Coin Dealers in Syracuse, NY

It’s best to get started off on the right foot and to get a good deal on your silver bullion. This might mean waiting until silver values are low and making a purchase before they inevitably rise again. Or it might just mean doing a lot of shopping around to get a great deal. However you choose to purchase your silver, just make sure you’ve done your research beforehand. Know the current going rate of the type of silver you intend to buy. This will help you to avoid overpaying. You should also be aware of the current market value of silver. Also be sure that you factor other costs, like silver insurance and storage, into your financial planning as well.