Silver Coin Dealers in St Cloud

Bullion Sales Tax in St. Cloud, MN

​Minnesota has a statewide sales tax rate of 6.875% with additional local taxes that can add up to 8.375%. When you purchase bullion in Minnesota, you will be charged the sales tax rate in whatever city you are making that purchase. St. Cloud has a total sales tax rate of 7.375%.

Fun Facts About St. Cloud

  1.  In the movie "Juno", St. Cloud is referenced when Juno talks about visiting the adoptive parents who live in St. Cloud. 
  2.  Trisha Yearwood put St. Cloud on the map with her song, "On A Bus To St. Cloud." 
  3.  St. Cloud Prison was the longest wall in the United States, and the second longest wall in the world, next to the Great Wall of China. 
  4.  Lake George use to be bigger, once as large as 7 1/2 blocks back in the 1855, but today it is about half of that. 
  5.  It has the fastest growing senior population in Minnesota. 

​Storing Silver in a Safe-Deposit Box

​Silver that is kept in a safe-deposit box in a bank is generally  secure because it’s protected by the same high-tech security that protects the money in the bank. There are also usually security personnel protecting the bank as well. But silver bullion kept in a safe-deposit box is only accessible during the hours when the bank is open. Some banks may have a procedure to grant access after the bank’s normal hours. Ask about after-hours accessibility before you rent a safe-deposit box. Safe-deposit boxes are limited in size, so if you are have a large silver collection, you may need to rent two boxes or store your silver in a different storage facility.