Silver Coin Dealers in Rockford

Bullion Sales Tax in Rockford, IL

​Legal tender medallions and bullion are exempt from tax. Items that are considered legal tender are paper currency and coins.  Medallions are non-legal tender coins issued by a government body. Bullion would be considered precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum that have a purity of at least .980.

Fun Facts About Rockford

  1. Prior to getting it's name Rockford, it was called Midway because it was the halfway point between Chicago and Galena. 
  2. It is about 85 miles northwest of Chicago. 
  3. Germanicus Kent founded the city in 1834. 
  4. It is the 3rd most populated city in Illinois.
  5. Jodi Benson, who was the voice of Ariel in the The Little Mermaid, was born in Rockford. 
  6. Stephen Wallem, who played the role of Thor Lundgren in the show Nurse Jackie, was born in Rockford.