Silver Coin Dealers in Quincy

Bullion Sales Tax in Quincy, MA

​The state of Massachusetts has an overall sales tax of 6.25%, this is across all counties which do not add extra tax on top of that.  When it comes to purchasing precious metals in Massachusetts the state allows an exemption of certain sales over $1000. The exemption would include rare coins of numismatic value, gold or silver bullion, gold/silver bullion coins, and gold/silver tender of any nation except the Republic of South Africa.

Fun Facts About Quincy

  1. It is the largest city located in Norfolk County in Massachusetts. 
  2. By population, it is the 8th largest city in the entire state. 
  3. It is known as the "City of Presidents" being the birthplace of 2 U.S. presidents. John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams. 
  4. It was first settles in 1625.
  5. It was the site of the Granite Railway, the first commercial railroad.
(source: wikipedia)

​Storing Silver Bullion at Home

​Finally, you may opt to buy silver bullion and store it at home in a safe. This means your silver is more accessible, but it also means you’re vulnerable to theft. Also, silver is a malleable metal and, should your house catch on fire, could melt if not stored in a fireproof safe. Also, storing your silver in different places within your house can be smart: if a thief robs one location but misses your other stashes, you won’t lose all your silver.  Again, it’s always important to insure your purchase of silver bullion and do your research, just like you did prior to buying silver bullion.