Silver Coin Dealers in Portsmouth

Bullion Sales Tax in Portsmouth, NH

​The state of New Hampshire does not have sales tax. Therefore, when you purchase silver bullion it is tax-free.  This makes the state a very popular place to buy silver bullion coins and other precious metals. 

Fun Facts About Portsmouth

  1. It was once, one of the nation's, busiest ports and shipbuilding cities.
  2. Ilene Woods who was the voice of Cinderella, the 1950 film, was born in Portsmouth. 
  3. There are more restaurant seats than there are residents in Portsmouth. 
  4. It's only an hour away from Boston. 
  5. It is a hotbed for the ideology, ecogastronomy, which means bringing farms to the dinner table (farm-to-table).

​How to Choose a Company for Storing Silver Bullion

​If you have decided that you want to store your silver bullion with a storage facility that specializes in storing precious metals, you should do your homework before choosing one. The storage facility that you choose will be guarding your money so it’s a smart idea to make sure the company you choose is trustworthy and secure.