Silver Coin Dealers in Nashua

Bullion Sales Tax in Nashua, NH

​The state of New Hampshire does not have sales tax. Therefore, when you purchase silver bullion it is tax-free.  This makes the state a very popular place to buy silver bullion coins and other precious metals. 

Fun Facts About Nashua

  1. It has been named the "Best Place to Live in America" by Money Magazine twice. 
  2. It was once a part of Massachusetts, before New Hampshire separated from it. 
  3. Before getting its name, it was called Dunstable. 
  4. It was a prominent textile mill center during the Industrial Revolution.
  5. It is the 2nd most populated city in New Hampshire.

​Pros and Cons of Storing Silver Bullion at Home

​Many investors are excited about purchasing silver bullion, whether in coins or bars, but many might not consider the question of “where can I store precious metals safely after the purchase.” In many cases, investors choose to store their precious silver bullion at home. There are pros and cons of every storage method, but here’s an overview for those choosing to keep silver bullion close.