Silver Coin Dealers in Mankato

Bullion Sales Tax in Mankato, MN

​Minnesota has a statewide sales tax rate of 6.875% with additional local taxes that can add up to 8.375%. When you purchase bullion in Minnesota, you will be charged the sales tax rate in whatever city you are making that purchase. Mankato has a total sales tax rate of 7.875%.

Fun Facts About Mankato, MN

  1. It is the 22nd largest city in Minnesota by size and the 5th largest by population outside the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area
  2. It is located along the Minnesota River.
  3. in 2017 it was named 2nd best college town in the U.S. by
  4. International Festival, Hickory Street Ribfest and Deep Valley Book Festival are a couple well-known festivals held in Mankato every year.

​Highly Versatile

​The most important benefit of precious metals investing is that gold and silver are metals that can easily be turned into cash. This means that whenever you are in need of money, you will be able to sell coins or bullion and easily get a hefty sum of cash for them. As they are very liquid, they are considered the proper way of investment by many rich people. However, even if you are not a rich individual, you can still get involved in precious metals investing and place your money safe from market and currency fluctuations. As the demand of gold and silver will not run low anytime soon, precious metals investing is one of the best ways to protect your wealth.