Silver Coin Dealers in Independence

Bullion Sales Tax in Independence, MO

​Missouri has a statewide sales tax rate of 4.225% with additional local taxes that can add up to 9.35%. Bullion and investment coins are exempt from taxes.  This would include gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, at least 0.900 pure, where the value of it is dependent on the metal content versus the form. While investment coins are considered, numismatic coins or other forms of legal tender in gold, silver, platinum, palladium or metals where the market value is greater than the face value of the coin itself.

Fun Facts About Independence 

  1. It is the 5th most populated city in Missouri. 
  2. Independence is often known as the "Queen City of the Trails" because of its point of departure for the California, Oregon, and Santa Fe Trails. (source: wikipedia) 
  3. Arliss Howard, who has played roles in movies like The Lost World: Jurassic Park  and Full Metal Jacket,  was born in Independence. 
  4. Paul Henning, who is a producer and screenwriter best known for creating The Beverly Hillbillies,   was born in Independence. 
  5. The NASCAR driver David Stover, was born in Independence. 
  6. The first railroad west of the Mississippi River linked Independence, MO with its steamboat landing. (source: