Silver Coin Dealers in Dover

Bullion Sales Tax in Dover, NH

​The state of New Hampshire does not have sales tax. Therefore, when you purchase silver bullion it is tax-free.  This makes the state a very popular place to buy silver bullion coins and other precious metals. 

Fun Facts About Dover

  1. It is the most populated town in New Hampshire's Seacoast region
  2. It is the oldest settlement in New Hampshire and the 7th overall across the U.S. 
  3. Northam was its original named before officially getting its name Dover. 
  4. It was named in honor of Robert Dover, an English lawyer.
  5. Martin Pink first explored the town back in 1603. 

​Store Your Bullion Safely

​Also, in response to “where can I store precious metals securely,” you should endeavor to conceal the location of the safe to make it more difficult for any would-be thieves. Also, store silver coins in containers designed to maintain bullion coins by preventing any scratches, dents or tarnishing. For silver bars, consider using chamois cloth bags.