Silver Coin Dealers in Derry

Bullion Sales Tax in Derry, NH

​​​The state of New Hampshire does not have sales tax. Therefore, when you purchase silver bullion it is tax-free.  This makes the state a very popular place to buy silver bullion coins and other precious metals. 

Fun Facts About Derry

  1. Alan B. Shepard, who is a Derry native, was the first American ever in space. 
  2. The city was named after Derry in Northern Ireland, due to the early settlers being Scottish-Irish. 
  3. Derry was the location of the first planted potatoes in the U.S. 
  4. It is home to one of America’s oldest public schools, Pinkerton Academy, which was established in 1814. (source:
  5. It was home to Robert Frost and his family at one point in time.