Silver Coin Dealers in Denver

Bullion Sales Tax in Denver, CO

​Colorado has a statewide tax rate of 2.9%, however, each local municipal has it’s own tax that gets added on. The highest tax rate in Colorado is 11.9%.  When it comes to purchasing coins or precious metal bullion, they are exempt from tax.

Fun Facts About Denver

  1. Denver brews over 200 different kinds of beers daily. 
  2. The first permanent structure in Denver, was a saloon. 
  3. It is 1 our 12 states located in the U.S.  to have teams from four major sports (baseball, hockey, football and basketball).
  4. The dome of the state capital in Denver is plated with real 24K gold. 
  5. It has the 10th largest downtown in the U.S.

​Getting Out

​Travel out of a disaster zone can be difficult. If cars aren’t working or the roads are not open, you may need to take a train, bus or plane to get to a safer area. You may need to get a family member to a place where they can get emergency medical care. Will you have the resources to pay huge plane fares or buy train and bus tickets? If you have silver bullion tucked away with your emergency supplies, you will. Silver bullion could quite literally be your ticket to safety. Storing silver bullion with your supplies is the smart way to make sure that you and your family always have a way out.  If you want to be sure that you can leave at a moment’s notice, keeping silver coins and bars in your disaster shelter is the best way to be sure.