Silver Coin Dealers in Boston

Bullion Sales Tax in Boston, MA

​The state of Massachusetts has an overall sales tax of 6.25%, this is across all counties which do not add extra tax on top of that.  When it comes to purchasing precious metals in Massachusetts the state allows an exemption of certain sales over $1000. The exemption would include rare coins of numismatic value, gold or silver bullion, gold/silver bullion coins, and gold/silver tender of any nation except the Republic of South Africa. 

Fun Facts About Boston

  1. It built America's first subway, Tremont Street Subway, in 1897. 
  2. The Ted Williams Tunnel is the deepest tunnel in North America, at around 90 feet below ground. 
  3. Fenway Park is the oldest original Major League Baseball stadium still in use, which opened in 1912. 
  4. The Fig Newton is named after a Boston suburb. 
  5. The Boston University Bridge is the only place in the world where  a boat can sail under a train going under a vehicle driving under an airplane.

​Silver Bullion is a Fancy Term for Silver Bars

​Silver bars are usually 999.9 silver so they will hold their value very well. Silver bullion is a great value because it has a low premium cost, meaning that you won’t pay a lot more than the value of the actual silver. Whenever you buy precious metals you will pay for the actual metal weight of the item plus a premium for the cost of production.