Silver Coin Dealers in Aurora

Bullion Sales Tax in Aurora, CO

​Colorado has a statewide tax rate of 2.9%, however, each local municipal has it’s own tax that gets added on. The highest tax rate in Colorado is 11.9%.  When it comes to purchasing coins or precious metal bullion, they are exempt from tax.

Fun Facts About Aurora

  1.  Dwight D. Eisenhower spent seven weeks recovering from a heart attack at Aurora’s Fitzsimons Army Medical Center
  2. The latest snow has fallen in a season in Aurora is June 1.
  3. Half of the population in Colorado live in the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan Area.
  4. Back in 1891 when Aurora was founded, it's original name was Fletcher. 
  5. It is home to 15 different restaurants specializing in the Vietnamese soup and noodle dish pho.

​Showing Appreciation with Gold or Silver

​There are many people we appreciate throughout the year.  From teachers to mail carriers to employees, everyone is pleased to receive a gift of gratitude.  Buying precious metals is a universal gift for men and women of all ages. They instantly recognize the value of the gift and how much their services mean to you.  It is the ultimate sign of appreciation.  For centuries, gold and silver have been the most coveted gifts of all.