Silver Coin Dealers in Arvada

Bullion Sales Tax in Arvada, CO

​Colorado has a statewide tax rate of 2.9%, however, each local municipal has it’s own tax that gets added on. The highest tax rate in Colorado is 11.9%.  When it comes to purchasing coins or precious metal bullion, they are exempt from tax.

Fun Facts About Arvada 

  1. It is the 7th most populated city in Colorado. 
  2. Arvada has claimed the title, "Celery Capital of the World."
  3. Greg Brown, who is the secondary coach for Auburns football team, was born in Arvada. 
  4. Joe King, who grew up in Arvada, formed the Denver-based rock band The Fray. 
  5. The gold rush during the 1800s had a big influence of the formation cities like Arvada in Colorado.