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Bullion Sales Tax in Albany, NY

​Buffalo has a sales tax of 8.00%.  The state has an overall 4% sales tax and each city has its' own separate tax on top of that. Coins and paper currency are taxable in the state of New York.  The only time there is an exemption is if the total purchase is at least $1,000.  And for this exemption to apply, the bullion must be in the form of bars, rounds, or coins that are made out of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, or any other precious metal.  One coin in particular that is excluded from this exemption is the South Africa Krugerrand Bullion Coin.  

Fun Facts About Albany, NY

  1. Albany is the capital of New York.
  2. It known as the oldest continuous settlement among all of the original 13 colonies.
  3. It had the very first passenger railroad in America which was known as the Mohawk and Hudson River Railroad. 
  4. Perforated toilet paper, was developed in Albany. 
  5. Jimmy Fallon attended the College of Saint Rose (Address: 432 Western Ave, Albany, NY 12203)
  6. It is the 11th largest state in New York. 

Survey on Buying Silver Bullion

​How to Get the Most Return When You Purchase Silver

​​Are you looking to make money from your silver purchase? Whether you want to invest for the future or for the present, you should know that owning silver can be quite lucrative, providing you know what to do with it. Before you can start making money from your silver you have to purchase it. Which you can do at local coin dealers in Albany, NY.