Purchasing Silver Online

When do I Buy

The best strategy is to try and buy silver when the price is relatively low. This will help you get more for your money whenever you decide to sell in the furture. There are many different sites where you can check the spot price by the minute. Try and check the spot price every day for a week or more.
The spot price is the current cost of silver. Be mindful that the price will fluctuate everday. After studying the price for a while you'll notice when it's comparatively low. This is the point when you should purchase.

Who do I Buy From

This is one of the most difficult decisions to make because there are a ton of different silver dealers to purchase from. First and foremost, choose a reputable online dealer that offers exactly what type and amount of silver that you're looking for. Also, look for low premiums and check the comments and ratings of the customer service representatives.

How Much Sould I Buy

This all depends on how much you're looking to spend on this investment. If you want just a small amount of silver coins and bars from one to ten ounces are the best route to go. If you want large amount, you can purchase bars that are one kilogram or more depending on the dealer.