Buy Silver Coins in Rhode Island
​Rhode Island is state located in the northeastern and New England region of the United States.  It is the smallest state at 1,212 square miles and the 8th least populated with just over 1 million residents. It’s full name is the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations which is the longest of any state in the Union.  It was the first to become part of the Thirteen Colonies in 1776 and it was the 4th to ratify the Article of Confederation in 1778. It is known as “The Ocean State” due to its’ large bays and inlets.

Bullion Sales Tax in Rhode Island

​Rhode Island has a statewide sales tax rate of 7% with no additional local taxes. Taxes are not charged on coins or precious metals bullion. On the other hand it is applied to paper currency, and non-coin collectibles such as tokens and medals.

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Fun Facts About Rhode Island

  1. The inventors of Mr. Potato Head, Plaskool has their headquarters in Pawtucket. 
  2. Glendale claims to be home to the world’s oldest penny arcade, with some games dating back to the 1920s, still operating at their original price. 
  3. Some studies show that there are more doughnut shops per capita in the Providence metro area than anywhere else. (source:
  4. The first U.S. National Championship was held in Rhode Island.
  5. It was the first state to declare its independence.
  6. The Viking Tower in Truro Park has an estimated construction of 1120 AD, making it the oldest standing building in the U.S.
  7. Charlie Day, who plays Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, spent a majority of his childhood in Middletown, Rhode Island. 
  8. Richard Jenkins, known for his role as the dad in Step Brothers (also starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly)  worked with the Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, Rhode Island.