Silver Coin Dealers in Oklahoma
Oklahoma s located in the south central region of the United States.  It is the 20th largest state at 69,960 square miles and the 28th most populated with over 3.9 million residents. It was the 46th state to enter the union in 1907 and it is a major producer of natural gas, oil, ad agricultural products.

Bullion Sales Tax in Oklahoma 

Oklahoma has a statewide sales tax of 4.5%, with additional local taxes can be as high as 11%. Bullion purchases are no exempted from taxes unless they are stored at a recognized precious metal depository.  The bullion also must have a value dependent on its precious metal content, not its form.

Silver Bullion Dealers in Oklahoma:

Fun Facts About Oklahoma

  1. The first tornado warning and first tornado forecast in the U.S. happened at Tinker Air Force Base in 1948.
  2. It is the only state who produces iodine.
  3. Mountain ranges who are partially located in Oklahoma include: Ouachitas, Arbuckles, Wichitas and the Ozarks
  4. Oklahoma is home to over 200 man-made lakes. Which is the most compared to any other state.
  5. It is 1 out of 3 states who produces helium.
  6. Ed Malzahn, a Perry, OK residents,  invented the Ditch Witch. 
  7. Home improvement stores in Oklahoma often make sales to gold miners, who purchase their sand to sift for gold.
  8. It was once ranked as the 2nd state in the U.S. to have the most earthquakes. 
  9. The Sonic drive-in  was founded in Oklahoma. 
  10. A life-size statue stands in honor of Astronaut Thomas P. Stafford is located in Weatherford.

​What is silver bullion?

​ Silver bullion is a fancy way of saying silver bars. Almost all silver bars are 999.9% pure silver. The silver is liquefied and then poured into molds. When it cools the silver bars are popped out of the molds. Then they are shined and trimmed to make them look like all the other silver bars. After that they are engraved with different markings such as a corporate logo, artwork, a custom seal, or other markings. Then they are shipped to you. Silver bullion is not expensive to produce so you pay a very low premium cost on silver bullion. The low premium makes silver bullion a great investment.