Buy Silver Coins in North Carolina
North Carolina is the 28th largest state in the U.S. at 53,819 square miles with the 9th largest population with 10.15 million residents (2016).  It is located in the southeastern region of the U.S.  IT has a wide range of elevations from being at sea level on the coast, while all the way to 6,684 ft at Mount Mitchell, which is the highest point in North America east of the Mississippi River.  

Bullion Sales Tax in North Carolina

​Sales tax varies depending on the county in North Carolina.  It can be as low as 4.75% and as high as 7.5%.  There are no exemptions in taxes when your purchase precious metals in the state of North Carolina.  Therefore, when you purchase bullion in NC you will be taxed. 

Silver Bullion Dealers in North Carolina:

Fun Facts About North Carolina

  1. Babe Ruth his is first home run in 1914 in Fayetteville, NC. 
  2. The Venus Fly Trap is native to Hampstead, NC and can only be found in 2 U.S States: NC & SC. 
  3. It is the largest producer of sweet potatoes. 
  4. Fontana Dam is the tallest dam in the Eastern region of the U.S. at 480 ft.
  5. UNC Chapel Hill is the oldest state university in the U.S.
  6. It leasts the nation in furniture, tobacco, brick, and textile productions. 
  7. Asheville, NC is home to America's largest mansion, the Biltmore Estate. 
  8. Pepsi was created in New Bern, NC. 
  9. The Outer Banks is knows as "The Graveyard of the Atlantic" because of having more than 1000 vessels being sunk since 1526.
  10. It's capital is Raleigh, NC however, it's most populated city is Charlotte. They are both ranked as the fastest-growing cities in America. 

The Convenience of Online Dealers

Savvy investors buy silver bullion from online dealers that buy it back.  Either way, a seller can do some research to find reputable online dealers offering the highest prices for Walking Liberty Silver Rounds.  A buyer does not necessarily have to purchase silver bullion from an online dealer to get them to buy it.  The prices paid by online dealers are difficult to beat because they have a high turnover and less overhead.  Those savings are passed on to both buyers and sellers.

Selling Silver is a Breeze

The online process of selling Walking Liberty Silver Rounds is a breeze. Simply call an online dealer to lock in a sales price. Chose an online dealer that pays current spot market price or above. Silver rounds must be marked with weight and purity, have a manufacturer's identification and be in clean condition.  The silver bullion shipped by U.S. mail and insured for the full value.  The shipment is received and inspected than a payment is sent right away.