Buy Silver Coins in Missouri
Missouri is sate located in the midwestern region of the United States. It is the 21st largest state at ​69,704 square miles and the 18th most populated state with over 6 million residents.  It played a big role in the westward expansion dues to the Pony Express, Oregon Trail, Santa Fe Trail, and California Trail all began there. 

Bullion Sales Tax in Missouri

​Missouri has a statewide sales tax rate of 4.225% with additional local taxes that can add up to 9.35%. Bullion and investment coins are exempt from taxes.  This would include gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, at least 0.900 pure, where the value of it is dependent on the metal content versus the form. Los, numismatic coins or other forms of legal tender in gold, silver, platinum, palladium or metals where the market value is greater than the face value of the coin itself.

Silver Bullion Dealers in Missouri: 

Fun Facts About Missouri 

  1. The state was named after the  Sioux Indians called the Missouris, which translates to “town of the large canoes.”
  2. It is known as the "Cave State" because of having over 6,000 caves. 
  3. The very first Olympic Games held in the U.S. were the  Summer Olympics, in  St. Louis in 1904.
  4. Aunt Jemima pancake flour was invented in St. Louis in 1889 ( 
  5. ​Harry S Truman is the only president to hail from the state of Missouri. 
  6. It shares a border with 8 other states: Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Tennessee. 
  7. It was once he nation's second-largest producer of wine, just after California.
  8. Mark Twain was born and grew up in Missouri. 
  9. A 99 lb catfish was caught in the Missouri River back in 2010. 
  10. Sliced bread was first sold in Chillicothe.

​Convenient Payment Methods

​Buyers do not have to travel for miles to purchase silver bullion. They simply go online to a reputable dealer and set up a monthly arrangement to buy silver bullion.  Secure websites make buying silver easy.  All types of payment methods are accepted based on the buyer's preference.  Legitimate silver dealers accept credit cards and automatic debit arrangements.  They will also send an invoice that can be paid by check or auto pay.  This makes participating in a monthly program even more desirable.