Buy Silver Coins in Michigan
Michigan is located in the Midwestern region of the United States and is known for being a state in the Great Lakes. It is the 11th largest state at 97,716 square miles and the 10th most populated state with 9.928 million residents.  It has the longest freshwater coastline of any political subdivision in the world. 

Bullion Sales Tax in Michigan

Michigan has a statewide sales tax of 6% with no additional local taxes added.  When it comes to purchasing precious metals; ‚Äč gold, silver, or platinum bullion, or for certain numismatic collectibles are exempt from that sales tax.

Silver Bullion Dealers in Michigan:

Fun Facts About Michigan 

  1. Michigan abolished capital punishment back in 1846. 
  2. It is home to the world's largest limestone quarry which is located near Rogers City.
  3. The first air-conditioned car was manufactured in 1939 by Detroit's Packard Motor Car Company. (source:
  4. It pays out the highest amount for recycled cans compared to any other state, which is 10 cents a can. 
  5. Vernor Ginger Ale, was create by James Vernor a Detroit Pharmacist. 
  6. Detroit is known as the car capital of the world. 
  7. The Detroit Zoo was the first zoo in America to feature cageless, open-exhibits that allowed the animals more freedom to roam. (source:
  8. 4 flags have flown over Michigan: French, English, Spanish and United States.
  9. Anne Fletcher, who has been featured in movies like:  Step Up , 27 Dresses  and The Proposal   was born in Detroit. 
  10. Tim Allen, moved to Birmingham, Michigan during his childhood 2 years after his father passed away.