Buy Silver Coins in Maryland
Maryland is a state located in the mid-atlantic and northeastern regions of the United States. ​It is the 9th smallest state at 12,405 square miles and the 19th most populated with over 6 million residents.  It is part of the original thirteen colonies, and is considered to be the birthplace of religion freedom.

Bullion Sales Tax in Maryland

​Maryland has a statewide sales tax rate of 6% with no additional local taxes added. When you purchase bullion, you are exempt from taxes if there purchase priced exceeds $1000. Items that aren’t considered bullion would be: historic coins not made of a precious metal, paper currency, and non-legal tender collectibles such as medals and tokens.

Silver Bullion Dealers in Maryland: 

Fun Facts About Maryland

  1. The NFL team, the Ravens, got their name from Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.  Poe was a born in Maryland and is also buried there. 
  2. Harriet Tubman was born in Maryland and therefore it is home to many of the stops on the Underground Railroad. 
  3. Since Maryland is below the Mason-Dixon line, it is considered to be part of the South. 
  4. The first hot air balloon to carry a passenger, launched from Baltimore in 1784.
  5. National Bohemian Beer from Maryland, was the first to issue 6-packs back in the 1940s.
  6. There is a town in Maryland named Chevy Chase and it was named that in the 1800s so long before the SNL actor Chevy Chase.
  7. David Hasselhoff was born in Baltimore, MD. 
  8. It is the national leader in the production of blue crabs and soft clams.
  9. Francis Scott Key, the author of the National anthem was born on September 14, 1814 in Maryland.
  10. Maryland gave up some its land to help form Washington D.C.

​What is Silver Bullion and Why Should You Buy It?

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