Buy Silver Coins in Indiana
‚ÄčIndiana is located in the midwestern region of the United States along with the Great Lakes region.  It is the 38th largest at 36,418 square miles and the 17th most populated with over 6.6 million residents. It was the 19th state to get admitted to the U.S. The state has a very diverse economy with a gross state product of 341.9 billion back in 2016.


Bullion Sales Tax in Indiana

‚ÄčIndiana has a statewide sales tax rate of 7% with no additional local taxes added. You will not get charged with sales tax when you purchase bullion.

Silver Bullion Dealers in Indiana

Fun Facts About Indiana 

  1. Elvis Presley's was held in Indianapolis at Market Square Arena back in 1977. 
  2. 90% of the worlds popcorn comes from Indiana. Orville Redenbacher himself was born in Brazil, IN. 
  3. Syvanus F. Bower who was from Fort Wayne, IN invented  the world's first real gasoline pump.
  4. Martinsville, IN is home to the very first goldfish farm. 
  5. Terre Haute, IN, is responsible for the design of the Coco Cola bottle. 
  6. One of the best and well-known Christmas movies out there, ‚ÄčA Christmas Story,  was based in Indiana. 
  7. Every year Santa Claus, IN receives over 500,000  "Dear Santa..." letters.
  8. Back in 1972, a farmer found over $500,000 on his farm (he turned it in).
  9. Dean Norris, best known for his role as Uncle Hank in Breaking Bad  is from South Bend.
  10. Janet Jackson is from Gary, IN.