Buy Silver Coins in Hawaii
Hawaii located in the Pacific Ocean and was the last state to join the United States.  It is the only state composed entirely out of islands along with being the only U.S. state being located outside of North America.  It is the 8th smallest states at ​10,931square miles and the 40th most populated (but 13th most densely populated) with over 1.42 million residents.

Bullion Sales Tax in Hawaii

Hawaii does not collect sales tax, but instead a general excise tax. This is owed from the seller, versus the purchaser. Although purchasers don’t pay a tax, the amount the seller has to pay is usually factored into the price of the items.  Therefore you will end up paying anywhere between 4%-4.5% on top of the normal price of any item you buy, including bullion.

Silver Bullion Dealers in Hawaii:

Fun Facts About Hawaii

  1. Hawaii's Big Island grows around 42 acres a year, due to the constant eruptions of the volcano located on the island.
  2. The Dole Plantation located in Oahu, has the largest pineapple maze in the world. 
  3. It was the first U.S. state to ban the use of plastic bags.
  4. It has it's own time zone known as Hawaiian Standard Time. 
  5. Barack Obama who was born in Hawaii, is the only president from outside the continental U.S.
  6. The hoary bat and the monk seal are the only mammals native to Hawaii. 
  7. Each of Hawaii's main islands, are represented on it's flag by the eight horizontal stripes.
  8. It is the only U.S. who commercially grows coffee, cacao and vanilla beans.
  9. The residents in Hawaii consume the most spam per capita in the U.S.
  10. It is home to the highest percentage of Asian Americans residents.