Buy Silver Coins in Colorado
Colorado is located in the Southwestern part of the United Sates along with being a part of the Mountain States.  It is the 8th largest state at 104,185 square miles and the 21st most populated with 5.66 million (2016) residents.  It is nicknamed the Centennial State because it became a state the same year as the centennial of the United States Declaration of Independence.  

Bullion Sales Tax in Colorado

​Colorado has a statewide tax rate of 2.9%, however, each local municipal has it’s own tax that gets added on.  The highest tax rate in Colorado is 11.9%.  When it comes to purchasing coins or precious metal bullion, they are exempt from tax.

Silver Bullion Dealers in Colorado:

Fun Facts About Colorado

  1. Denver was the only city to reject the Olympics due to the cost and environmental concerns they had. 
  2. It is part of the "four corners" which is the only point in the United States where the corners of four different states meet at a quadripoint.
  3. The first license plate issued in the U.S. was in Denver in 1908. 
  4. Colorado is home to one of the largest preserved sets of dinosaur tracks in the world at Picketwire Canyon.
  5. The car boot was invented by concert violinist Frank Marugg in 1944 in Denver, Colorado. 
  6. Jolly Ranchers were invented by a Denver resident, Bill Harmsen in 1949.
  7. Frank J. Wisner invented the Root Beer Float in 1893 in Colorado, however back then he called it "The Black Cow".
  8. About 75% of the land about 10,000 feet can be found in Colorado. 
  9. The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado was the inspiration for Stephen Kings horror novel, The Shining
  10. The first Chipotle opened in Denver, CO in 1993. 

​Ask Questions

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