Buy Silver Coins in California
California is located along the coast (Pacific Ocean) in the western region of the United States.  It is the second largest state in the U.S. at ​163,696 square miles, but it is the most populated state with over 39.2 million residents.  Los Angeles is it's most populated city, taking 2nd for the most populated city in the U.S., with New York City being the first.

Bullion Sales Tax in California

California has a statewide sales tax rate of 7.25% with local taxes that can be as high as 10.25%. When purchasing precious metals, you are exempt from the tax rate if you purchase more than $1500 in a single transaction. 

Silver Bullion Dealers in California: 

Fun Facts About California 

  1. Before it got its nickname "The Golden State", it was known as the "The Grizzly Bear State" due to its populations of grizzly bears. Unfortunately once California boomed, the population was wiped out. 
  2. It is the only state that has hosted both the Summer and Winter Olympics.
  3. It is most well-know for its Gold Rush in 1848, but it also had a Silver Rush in the Calico Mountains from 1881 to 1896.
  4. San Bernardino County in California is the largest county in the U.S. with almost 3 million acres of land.
  5. Almonds are the states biggest export. 
  6. It's economy would rank the 7th largest overall, in the entire world. 
  7. It grows half of all the fruits and veggies for the U.S.
  8. Apple Computers and Barbie dolls are just a few well-know items that were invented in California.
  9. Whenever Arnold Schwarzenegger was the governor of California, he did not accept his salary of $175k because he already had wealth from his acting career.
  10. Sacramento has the second-highest number of trees per capita in the world behind Paris, France.

​Can I buy other types of silver?

​ Yes, you can. Silver bullion is the most recommended investment for new investors because there is no risk buying silver bullion. It will always be valuable. Experts predict the value of silver is only going to increase so buying silver bullion means you can get even more for your money. But if you want to diversify your investment dollars you can also buy other types of silver like junk silver, silver rounds, or collectibles. Junk silver is usually bought by weight. Junk silver is made from old coins, jewelry, and other items that have no real value except for the value of the silver they are made from. Silver rounds, like silver bullion, have a low premium and are great for new investors. Silver collectible coins have high premiums, so you should not put all your investment dollars into silver collectibles. But silver collectible coins can provide a high return when they are sold.