How to Plan Your Precious Metals Investment
Posted on April 7th, 2017

​While precious metals investing is considered to be one of the safest ways to protect your wealth, this does not mean that you should go at it without planning in advance. What kind of investment do you think of? How much of your investment money should be placed in precious metals investing? These questions need to have clear answers before you actually start investing.

Ways of Investing in Gold and Silver
The first thing you need to decide on is the actual form of your precious metals investing. For instance, you can buy coins and bars made entirely of gold and silver (. 99% pure). Silver and gold coins and bars are strongly recommended for new investors.  The main advantage is that you will get to keep the precious metals in a safety box, and you will feel like the real owner. However, in case your gold and silver get stolen, you will have a hard time trying to locate it since bullion and mass produced coins are not easy to trace and they can easily be melted to become something else.

How Much of Your Portfolio Should Precious Metals Investing Represent?
Experts say, that when planning to invest, you should stick to the old time advice to never place all your eggs in one basket. The general recommendation is to plan your precious metals investing as high as 10 percent of all your investments, and to never bet all your liquid cash on a single commodity.
​Buying Jewelry Isn't As Good as Buying Gold and Silver Bullion
You may think that investing in jewelry is a safe way to protect your money. But precious metals investing is usually done by purchasing coins and bars, and not jewelry. The reason is quite simple. One piece of jewelry that you can purchase from a jewelry store for a certain price will value much less as gold or silver. The final price of jewelry is decided by factors, such as the work put into making it, and other manufacturing expenses.

Don't Wait
The best time to buy precious metals is now. The value of gold is going up every day. The value of silver has more than doubled every year for the past three years and shows no signs of slowing down. To get the most for your money when investing in precious metals you should buy as much silver and gold when the prices are low are you can. As the prices rise you will be able to get a bigger return on your money if you choose to sell your precious metals.

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