Storage Tips for Coins
Posted on April 5th, 2017

​There are several reasons why investors choose to diversify their portfolios and buy precious metals like gold and silver. Most investors take the time to fully research any new investment to decide the best way to begin investing. Part of the research process should be spent answering the question “where can I store precious metals.” Here are some tips for:

Where Can I Store Precious Metals?
It’s important to realize that when investing in precious metals, you will receive a physical asset that needs to be stored. After you purchase coins, you might consider using specially designed plastic coin containers. These are designed to prevent them from getting scratched or dented.

Make Sure Your Coins Aren't Damaged
You should not store precious metals in a coin bag or a place where they are stacked on top of each other. This method could damage the silver coins and devalue your investment. Also, keep your bullion in a moisture-free environment to best preserve the finish.
​Where Can I Store Precious Metals at Home?
The good news is that many investors choose to store bullion at home in a fireproof safe. Although there is always a risk of theft, taking proper safety precautions decreases the risk. You should consider finding a reliable safe to install.

Insure Your Precious Metals
When installing a safe, choose a clever way to conceal it, or install more than one so that not all of your bullion is stored in a single location. Also, avoid discussing the contents of the safe with anyone. Then, get an insurance policy for your bullion in case something does happen to it.

Where Can I Store Precious Metals Safely?
If storing your precious metals at home makes you nervous or you don’t want to take the trouble of installing a safe, consider a bank vault or allocated storage facility to safeguard your investment. Again, always research the facility’s security policies, financial stability and make sure your bullion is insured before choosing an outside storage facility.

Protect Your Investment
Only you can answer the question “where can I store precious metals,” because you need to choose the option that makes you most comfortable. Whether you choose to keep your bullion close by in a wall safe or securely ensconced in a bank vault, keep your coins in protective containers to preserve their luster.

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