Storing Precious Metals for Retirement
Posted on April 3rd, 2017

​Many people are diversifying their investment portfolios in an effort to secure a stable and sufficient retirement fund. As people start shying away from solely investing in paper stocks for retirement, other options are getting more popular. This includes using a self-directed IRA as the answer to the question of where can I store precious metals?

Store Precious Metals for Retirement In an IRA.
Most IRA custodians only allow you to invest in mutual funds, paper stocks, CDs and bonds. If you wish to expand your investment interests to include precious metals likes silver bullion, you’ll need to open an IRA account that allows for it.

Managing Your IRA
Using a self-directed precious metals IRA can answer the important question of “where can I store precious metals securely for my future.” They are similar to other IRAs because you still use an IRA custodian. The main difference is that you can invest in precious metals. Just like any investment, you will need to do your due diligence and choose a reputable IRA custodian and bullion dealer to work with to achieve your retirement goals.
​What Precious Metals Can My IRA Hold?
Precious metal IRAs have rules that allow different kinds of precious metals to be held in your retirement account. However, there are restrictions in each precious metals category. For instance, gold, silver and platinum American Eagle coins are acceptable IRA investments while the South African Krugerrand and U.S. Liberty are not allowed. The precious metals IRA custodian you choose will be there to guide you in making sound bullion investments for your retirement.

Getting Started Storing Precious Metals in an IRA
The first step in choosing a self-directed IRA is to do your research on various IRA firms to find a good match. Insist on an IRA custodian who is thoroughly familiar with using precious metals as an investment vehicle.

Funding Your Retirement
Once your IRA is established, work with a reputable bullion dealer to begin making precious metals investments to grow your retirement fund. You will typically have the option of choosing allocated or unallocated storage facilities.

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