Posted on April 13th, 2017

​If you are not buying a lot of silver bullion or if you’re just not comfortable keeping coins and bars in your home, you can store it in a safe-deposit box. Renting one from a bank is a cost-effective way to keep your bullion safe. However, you will only be able to get access to it during normal banking hours depending on the bank’s policy. For some people the benefits of using a safety-deposit box outweigh that drawback. The contents of safe deposit boxes are not covered under FDIC insurance, so if you want your silver insured you will need to purchase your own insurance.

Find a Bank You Trust
The first step in renting a safe-deposit box  is to choose a bank that you trust. You may want to choose a bank that is separate from where you already do your normal banking. However, your bank may offer you a discounted rate on a safe-deposit box if you are already a customer.
​Ask Questions
After you find a bank that you want to rent from, talk to someone there about the bank’s policies and security. Make sure that you ask what hours customers are given access to the safe-deposit boxes. You should also ask what their policy about adding someone to the signature card is. Tour the facility if possible to see for yourself how secure the vault area is. Generally safe-deposit boxes are very safe because they are guarded by the same security personnel and high-tech gadgets that guard the rest of the money in the bank.

Choose the Box Size You Need for Your Silver
If you are not going to be storing a lot of silver bars and coins, you probably don’t need a large box. In most banks, the largest box offered is big enough to fit quite a few silver coins and bars. If you are planning on investing more of your money in silver, then you might want to get the largest box available to store it. That way, when you buy more, you won’t need to change boxes.

Setting Up Joint Access
If you want to be sure that your spouse or another family member has access to the box if you are not around or if something happens to you, you will need to add them to the account when you set it up. It is a smart idea to have someone you trust on the account with you in case you are ill or cannot make it to the bank to get the silver bullion for any reason. Just make sure that the person you add is someone you trust because that person will be able to access the silver bullion at any time just like you.

Posted on April 10th, 2017

​Don’t put off buying silver bars or other types of silver bullion. According to industry sources, the price of silver is going to skyrocket. Buying silver now will give you the chance to get more silver for your money. If you wait too long, the high demand for silver will mean that you will end up paying a huge price for what you buy.

The Time Is Right
Waiting to buy silver is a mistake that will cost you more in the long run. If you are planning on investing in silver you should do it now. The prices of metals like gold and silver have risen to record highs every year for the past few years. And the demand for them will only continue to increase. This will push the price even higher. Smart investors are buying up as much silver as possible now.
​Why Everyone Wants Silver
Collectors and investors aren’t the only ones buying silver. There has been a huge increase for demand in the high-tech industry. Computers, cell phones, tablets, MP3 players and other devices all use silver components. Cabling and other infrastructure now require silver in many cases. The need for silver for items like this being used by millions of people rises every day, and therefore the demand increases. If you start buying silver now, that increase in demand will mean higher profits for you. 

Buying Silver Online
There’s no reason to wait to buy silver bullion when you can easily buy it online. The process is easy and fast and you can choose how much you want to buy.  Just make sure you make your purchase online with a reputable dealer. The silver will be shipped either directly to you or to a storage facility if you prefer to store it there instead. If you are buying smaller amounts you may want to store it at home. Larger purchases of silver should be stored in a secure facility like a bank unless you have a safe room or security system at home. Or you might want to keep half of the silver bullion that you buy at your home and half in a secure facility so that you can access some of your silver at any time.

Funding the Future
If you have been searching for a low-risk investment that will protect the money you have earned for your retirement, buying silver bars is the perfect way to invest. Because the demand for it as a currency and as a product for the tech industry is growing every year, you can be sure that your silver will have consistent value. When you are ready to retire, you will be able to sell that silver and get the cash you need to retire comfortably.

Posted on April 7th, 2017

​While precious metals investing is considered to be one of the safest ways to protect your wealth, this does not mean that you should go at it without planning in advance. What kind of investment do you think of? How much of your investment money should be placed in precious metals investing? These questions need to have clear answers before you actually start investing.

Ways of Investing in Gold and Silver
The first thing you need to decide on is the actual form of your precious metals investing. For instance, you can buy coins and bars made entirely of gold and silver (. 99% pure). Silver and gold coins and bars are strongly recommended for new investors.  The main advantage is that you will get to keep the precious metals in a safety box, and you will feel like the real owner. However, in case your gold and silver get stolen, you will have a hard time trying to locate it since bullion and mass produced coins are not easy to trace and they can easily be melted to become something else.

How Much of Your Portfolio Should Precious Metals Investing Represent?
Experts say, that when planning to invest, you should stick to the old time advice to never place all your eggs in one basket. The general recommendation is to plan your precious metals investing as high as 10 percent of all your investments, and to never bet all your liquid cash on a single commodity.
​Buying Jewelry Isn't As Good as Buying Gold and Silver Bullion
You may think that investing in jewelry is a safe way to protect your money. But precious metals investing is usually done by purchasing coins and bars, and not jewelry. The reason is quite simple. One piece of jewelry that you can purchase from a jewelry store for a certain price will value much less as gold or silver. The final price of jewelry is decided by factors, such as the work put into making it, and other manufacturing expenses.

Don't Wait
The best time to buy precious metals is now. The value of gold is going up every day. The value of silver has more than doubled every year for the past three years and shows no signs of slowing down. To get the most for your money when investing in precious metals you should buy as much silver and gold when the prices are low are you can. As the prices rise you will be able to get a bigger return on your money if you choose to sell your precious metals.

Posted on April 5th, 2017

​There are several reasons why investors choose to diversify their portfolios and buy precious metals like gold and silver. Most investors take the time to fully research any new investment to decide the best way to begin investing. Part of the research process should be spent answering the question “where can I store precious metals.” Here are some tips for:

Where Can I Store Precious Metals?
It’s important to realize that when investing in precious metals, you will receive a physical asset that needs to be stored. After you purchase coins, you might consider using specially designed plastic coin containers. These are designed to prevent them from getting scratched or dented.

Make Sure Your Coins Aren't Damaged
You should not store precious metals in a coin bag or a place where they are stacked on top of each other. This method could damage the silver coins and devalue your investment. Also, keep your bullion in a moisture-free environment to best preserve the finish.
​Where Can I Store Precious Metals at Home?
The good news is that many investors choose to store bullion at home in a fireproof safe. Although there is always a risk of theft, taking proper safety precautions decreases the risk. You should consider finding a reliable safe to install.

Insure Your Precious Metals
When installing a safe, choose a clever way to conceal it, or install more than one so that not all of your bullion is stored in a single location. Also, avoid discussing the contents of the safe with anyone. Then, get an insurance policy for your bullion in case something does happen to it.

Where Can I Store Precious Metals Safely?
If storing your precious metals at home makes you nervous or you don’t want to take the trouble of installing a safe, consider a bank vault or allocated storage facility to safeguard your investment. Again, always research the facility’s security policies, financial stability and make sure your bullion is insured before choosing an outside storage facility.

Protect Your Investment
Only you can answer the question “where can I store precious metals,” because you need to choose the option that makes you most comfortable. Whether you choose to keep your bullion close by in a wall safe or securely ensconced in a bank vault, keep your coins in protective containers to preserve their luster.

Posted on April 3rd, 2017

​Many people are diversifying their investment portfolios in an effort to secure a stable and sufficient retirement fund. As people start shying away from solely investing in paper stocks for retirement, other options are getting more popular. This includes using a self-directed IRA as the answer to the question of where can I store precious metals?

Store Precious Metals for Retirement In an IRA.
Most IRA custodians only allow you to invest in mutual funds, paper stocks, CDs and bonds. If you wish to expand your investment interests to include precious metals likes silver bullion, you’ll need to open an IRA account that allows for it.

Managing Your IRA
Using a self-directed precious metals IRA can answer the important question of “where can I store precious metals securely for my future.” They are similar to other IRAs because you still use an IRA custodian. The main difference is that you can invest in precious metals. Just like any investment, you will need to do your due diligence and choose a reputable IRA custodian and bullion dealer to work with to achieve your retirement goals.
​What Precious Metals Can My IRA Hold?
Precious metal IRAs have rules that allow different kinds of precious metals to be held in your retirement account. However, there are restrictions in each precious metals category. For instance, gold, silver and platinum American Eagle coins are acceptable IRA investments while the South African Krugerrand and U.S. Liberty are not allowed. The precious metals IRA custodian you choose will be there to guide you in making sound bullion investments for your retirement.

Getting Started Storing Precious Metals in an IRA
The first step in choosing a self-directed IRA is to do your research on various IRA firms to find a good match. Insist on an IRA custodian who is thoroughly familiar with using precious metals as an investment vehicle.

Funding Your Retirement
Once your IRA is established, work with a reputable bullion dealer to begin making precious metals investments to grow your retirement fund. You will typically have the option of choosing allocated or unallocated storage facilities.